Why Counselling

  • Counselling is a fundamental and an essential part in admission process as the Candidate needs to know the correct procedure, arranging, tolerance, inner school input and a lot increasingly such perspectives to comprehend the current circumstance regarding his candidature before verifying the seat in the correct school.
  • We have seen a great deal of times in the past that a moderately higher scorer has a lower branch or school yet a competitor with a lesser score improving school and branch. This happens when a hopeful does not have an appropriate rule and data.
  • At Matrix consultancy, we give counselling dependent on our quite a long while of experience which will assist the applicant regarding all the aspects of education in all over the world and accomplish a superior result for himself.


  • Research plays an  integral part  in the admission planning process in order to understand and calculate your actual and virtual position within the state and at an all India level as well as to know your chances in certain independent universities which conduct their own counselling.
  • Counselling rules of every state is different because of reservation and non-domicile policy which keeps changing time to time.
  • Disqualifying criteria is applicable in all India and state counselling and hence the candidate needs to have the right inputs for him/ her to opt for colleges which has a higher success of securing the seat and this is where Matrix consultancy research helps.